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The owner of the site is the company SC Sundayclean SRL based in Bucharest, 1, Teodor Neagoe Street, sector 1,
  Tel .: 0726174081
  e-mail address:   This document lists the terms and conditions for using the site

  1. User use agreement for
  Accessing the site interface and using the services provided by SC Sundayclean SRL is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use detailed below. By joining SC Sundayclean SRL, you as a user agree to the Terms of Use provided by the site and the law in force. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use or the current provisions, you are kindly requested to leave the site. You as a User are aware of and agree that the Site Operator / Administrator may at any time make changes or improvements to the site and services listed without the need for a prior written notice. Access to the links posted by the partner sites, or the use of their services, falls under the jurisdiction of SC Sundayclean SRL, our company can not be held liable for any damages incurred by them.   For optimal site use, please read these Terms of Use carefully.

  2. Copyright and intellectual property laws of the content displayed   All images, posted data, graphical interface and graphics are the property of SC Sundayclean SRL and are protected by applicable copyright laws. In the case of hosted materials, taken over where their intellectual property is mentioned, do not fall under the jurisdiction of our site. The company logo and materials posted on the site are the property of SC Sundayclean SRL, their copying or reproduction is strictly prohibited without prior written agreement. SC Sundayclean SRL requires compliance with the current intellectual property law based on current copyright laws. In the event that these rights are violated or the material displayed on the site is used in inappropriate ways, it is possible to notify the competent authorities and to bring to court those who have infringed intellectual property rights.

  3. Use of the site is possible by accepting the Terms of Use listed:
  Materials, images hosted on the site, can be downloaded or copied as long as they are used for personal and non-commercial purposes. These are further explained in the Content section of these Terms of Use. The use of advertising or promotional materials published on the site is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the company.   News, material serving as articles, or informational material may be used for editorial purposes by newspapers with general coverage, television stations or radio stations.
  Except for the listed cases, it is strictly forbidden to copy or reproduce part or all of the content. It is also forbidden to modify, distribute, reuse, authorize, or publish the content downloaded from the site. It is strictly forbidden to publish texts derived from materials hosted on the site or to grant licenses for use without prior written consent. Sale or use of materials for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the owner of the law   The site does not tolerate in any way:
  - materials containing false or copied information,
  - threatening, obscene, abusive or vulgar messages,
  - materials that incite to crimes, based on the legislation in force,
  - graphic messages, texts or images of pornographic, profane or sensational nature   SC Sundayclean SRL is directly responsible for the materials posted on the company's website. In the case of persons who do not comply with the current provisions imposed by the law and the present Conditions of Use, the actions in court will be brought to the attention of those responsible. As a user of the services and site provided by SC Sundayclean SRL, you agree to provide your personal information and personal information voluntarily. These must be complete and correct, as requested in the Privacy Policy section   If you as a user violate the provisions and obligations assumed, the site administrator reserves the right to suspend or block access to the individual user account. Access blocking on the site may be blocked for a specified or indefinite period, taking into account the severity of the damage caused. In all these cases the site is not required to issue a prior notice. The Privacy Policy of the site provides for the use of personal information and the site administrator undertakes to treat and use this information only in the ways listed in this section. The user's personal information will only be used for the purposes stated from the beginning   The database containing personal data and information can not be sold or made public by the site operator. As a user of the site, you are aware and totally agree that graphic materials or published texts are the responsibility of their author. If you provide the company with false, incomplete or inappropriate data, the company can not be held liable in any way for damages caused by them. You as a user of the site are fully in agreement with the terms and conditions listed above.

  4. Privacy Policy of
  Your personal data, such as your name, address, telephone number or email address, may be used by the site administrator only in the ways and purposes declared and in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Text-based information such as questions and answers on different discussion forums or blogs fall into the category of non-confidential materials, they will be treated as such without being under intellectual property law.

  5. Copyright on
  The texts published on the site, the graphical interface, the images, the logo of the company are the intellectual property of the company SC Sundayclean SRL, these being under the incidence of the current intellectual property laws. To benefit from this as a user, you agree to the conditions listed above.

6. Guarantees in case of modification or improvement of the content, design and information hosted on the site
  The graphic design, the interface, the materials posted on the site may be modified, improved or supplemented without the company being required to issue a written notice to that effect.

  7. Exclusion of liability for the use of the site   The use of the site and the services listed therein is at your own risk. Site Administrator, Company Director or its employees can not be held liable for any damages that may arise directly or indirectly. At the same time, our company can not be held responsible for infecting the computer with virus or malware programs that occur while downloading and using material.

  8. Limitations of liability when accessing links posted by third-party companies   The materials posted on by third-party companies or individuals containing promotional materials, logos or descriptions of different services do not fall under our jurisdiction. These are the responsibility of those who posted the information on the site. Our company can not be held liable even if third parties or companies post false or incomplete information or materials. SC Sundayclean SRL disclaims all liability in case of direct or indirect damages caused by the materials posted on the site or the inability to access its interface. If you find that the material posted on the site violates the copyright law or is inappropriate, please report it to us by e-mail:, or in writing at the address of the company.   Copying and using text-based printing materials requires the written agreement of the company.

  9. Links posted on
  If links posted by third parties or companies on the site surface do not meet these Terms and Conditions of Use or apply one of the following conditions, our company can not be held liable under any circumstances.   - if links violate intellectual property laws,
  - links contain false, incomplete or false information,
  - are not in accordance with the stated purpose or are used for other inappropriate purposes,
  - adult, licentious, or libelous links.

10. Changes in the Terms and Conditions of Use   SC Sundayclean SRL reserves the right to modify at any time or to improve the materials or the graphic interface of the site without having to issue a written notice. All users of the site undertake to observe the changes or improvements they have made. For this, it is recommended to periodically visit the Terms and Conditions of Use.

  11. Disputes that may arise in the event of incorrect use of the site or the information posted   In the event that users attempt to access the database containing personal information, unauthorized access to the site's surface or posted materials, theft or fraud attempts will be reported to the law enforcement authorities. The settlement of a dispute between the company SC Sundayclean SRL and the user is tried in the first phase amiably. In the event that no consensus is reached, a court of law will be brought, observing the legislation in force in Romania.

  12. These laws that apply to SC Sundayclean SRL's website   The terms and conditions of use of the site are in accordance with the Romanian intellectual property laws and access to confidential information. In the case of conflicts that may occur between the company and the users, the Romanian courts have exclusivity   Cookies policy   This site uses its own cookies and third parties to provide visitors with a much better browsing experience and services tailored to the needs and interests of everyone. Continuing navigation implies your acceptance.
  Cookies are data that a website transfers to a person's hard drive in order to store them. Cookies are industry standard and are used by most sites, including, making it easier for a user to access a site. This technology allows us to adapt the site to your needs. If you do not want information collected through the use of Cookies, there is a simple process in many browsers that allows you to reject or accept Cookies features / features. But please note that Cookies may be necessary to provide you with certain features of our online services
Cookies are NOT Viruses! They use plain text formats. They are not made up of pieces of code so they can not be executed or can auto-run. Consequently, they can not duplicate or replicate on other networks to run or replicate again. Because they can not perform these functions, they can not be considered viruses.
  Cookies do not require personal information to be used and can not personally identify Internet users   There are two main categories of cookies:
  Session Cookies - These are temporarily stored in the web browser's cookie folder until the user leaves the site or closes the browser window.
  Permanent cookies - these are stored in your computer or hard drive for a longer period of time and will remain stored after you leave the site or after you close your web browser (and generally depend on the cookie's default life).   How to avoid cookies?
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  How cookies are used by this site   A visit to this site may place cookies for:   -Site performance hockey sticks   -Cookies for visitors' analysis   -Cookies for geotargetting
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